Bone – Yrsa Daley-Ward

Emergency Warning 

I fell out of love with poetry for a while but was happy to rediscover it again in the say two years.  Yrsa Daley Ward made me feel like she was writing for me and the women I knew so intimately through nothing but heart ache.  

I encourage you to explore yourself in her work.  



#AnimeMonday – 6/26

#AnimeMonday (3)

It was hard to come to the end of Attack on Titan S2 last week, but it was definitely quite a ride. We’re coming on to the end of our spring anime picks so, new titles will be put into rotation across the board – as we also finished our last series; Death Parade.

This week, we’ll continue with the two current season shows that are till going and I chose Dead Leaves to round up the evening.

Next week, (July 3rd) there will be no #AnimeMonday since I will be attending BlerdconDC that weekend. When we return, we’ll watch the finales of our current season shows, and I’ll post the new titles in rotation and set the schedule for the entire month of July.

I hope you’ll join me or if you can’t – you have shows of your own that you’re enjoying!

Gluten Free Eating – Curry Channa (Garbanzo Beans)

If you’ve been following me for a while you should know my basic food philosophy – I have Celiac’s Disease so all recipes, food suggestions and food reviews mean that they are gluten free.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a cooking ass, Afro+ Indo-Caribbean household where most foods are naturally prepared with out gluten so it’s been amazing to get back to my roots, experiment with flavors and spices I’m used to and still maintain my GF diet.

I do post “recipes” from time to time but I consider them to be very loose guidelines. Like most of the old world learners, I don’t do much to manually measure while I’m cooking outside of baking so my “amounts” are suggestions as I encourage you to grow your own confidence and tastes as you experiment with me.

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I miss hearing your voice at night

It made the demons seem like angels

and midnight felt like the first sunrise 

Instead I wallow in my mistakes

Summon my own light

But it isn’t you


Have I said this before?

Remind me

Done this before?

Offered you a sip of me

only for you to find me bitter

You were the salve that tempered me

The snake beneath the tree

Twitter Boundaries: 101

Twitter Boundaries 101

We are far past the lie of “it’s just Twitter” but you can keep believing that and you might get your ass handed to you 140 characters at a time.

Social Media has been the start and end of lots of folks we know, and those who are only survived by a story but don’t get caught up, please remember that unless you know someone, you really don’t KNOW them.

Many friendships and relationships now start on twitter but don’t assume friendship and ride or die – especially if you’ve been the only one initiating engagement.

Don’t get comfortable with people you don’t know. Don’t assume yourself to be a friend or confidant. Don’t assume emotion is reciprocated.

Do not assume.

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#AnimeMonday April Schedule – Up Next

Happy Anime Monday Friends!

This spring we have lots to be thankful for, namely Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan Season 2 and Boku No Hero Academia | My Hero Academy Season 2 – both of which premiered this past Saturday, on April 1st.

I’m not going to lie, ya girl was shook when she saw April 1st as the release date for Attack on Titan specifically. I’ve been waiting for more episodes since February, 2014.

I have receipts.


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Anime Monday – Gangsta Review



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Gangsta is one of the best anime series I’ve ever watched*.

With that said, let’s get into the review.


Gangsta is categorized as an dramatic, action anime and follows the story of the “Handymen” who live in Ergastulum; who service both the local police authority and the community (including the underworld). The Handymen worked with and outside of the law, a combination of enforcer and Judge Dredd.

And who are the Handymen?

Nicolas Brown aka Nic: Nicolas is an exceptional fighter with a bit of a secret; but who doesn’t have a secret in Ergastulum? Along with his abilities, Nic is also deaf and communicates using sign language – he can speak but exercises that ability very rarely.

Worwick Arcangelo met Nic when the later was hired to serve as his personal bodyguard. Young Worwick and Nicholas formed an unbreakable brotherhood as Worwick tried to bring Nic into the safety of his world and Nic tried to save Worwick from the realities of his.

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