Seeker’s Going to Pax: #BGGatPax

When I first came up for the idea for Thumbstick Mafia, I wasn’t quite sure it was going to work – all I knew was that there was something missing from my gaming experience and after 10+ years of gaming with a men majority friend groups, I decided I needed to know what it would be like to actually have a sisterhood of black and minority women who gamed together.

It was immediately rewarding. I wasn’t falling out of love with gaming like I thought – I needed women to relate to.

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Seven Deadly Sins S2: Wya big head?


There’s been lot of building excitement for the second season offering of Seven Deadly Sins – thankfully I did get into S1 a bit late so I can’t complain about waiting but I would like to take the time to clarify the confusion fellow fans of the show are experiencing today.

Remember last week’s #AnimeMonday where I live tweeted Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of a Holy War? The four episode special that I made everyone watch to prepare for Season 2? WELP that’s your “Season 2”. At least, now you can watch it on Netflix directly instead of your preferred anime streaming site.

There seems to be no official word on the actual Season 2 of Seven Deadly Sins but that doesn’t mean that Signs of a Holy War doesn’t deserve spins. It really was a great OVA four episode special and the story takes place about a year after the events of S1 so you are able to catch up on your faves and learn a quite a bit about the lore.

It’s still required watching if you’re into the series – it is not four filler episodes.

I’m a bit disappointed but I should have known, so I’m sorry for joining in on the S2 hype without following my instincts and doing some more research.

Next week’s #AnimeMonday post will be announced since it will no longer be S2 of Seven Deadly Sins.

Since this was this past Monday’s #AnimeMonday I will go ahead and link the Live Tweet threads. Episodes 1-2 | Episode 3-4

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We are opposing forces
Your fire quenched by my water
It makes you cold and still

My warmth runs deep
It always finds you

You are fire

When we touch it’s either a storm
A flood
A blaze

Cosmic law says
We are both destruction

In love; we are life and death
Chaos and peace


The silent moments between us used to be unbearable
Now, I savor the opportunity to cherish you
To completely devote myself to the ease of your laughter
The careful way you choose your words

I close my eyes and I feel myself reach toward you
My hands eager to recapture every curve of your face
To brush my fingers through your hair
Recapturing the intimacy we tried to restrain

You meet my eyes and everything inside of you
whispers my name like a prayer, it is clear and unwavering
The distance between us is closed and I hear your declaration

And we both sigh in relief


It took fifteen years for me to recognize you and another fifteen to try to forget you. I buried you in my work, duty and vices but I was never sated. You were my dream and I couldn’t conjure anything better.

We tried throughout the years to grab snatches of each other but we were always unsuccessful. The timing was never right. Our feelings never in the same place. We’d taken turns feeling abandoned and betrayed.

But we did love.

Lives built apart from each other started to seem like prisons and we found each other again. Waded through the pain and rose above it. Determined to know happiness.
You, hesitant. Me, unsure.

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