#AnimeMonday: Paprika

I couldn’t let October come and go without bringing #AnimeMonday back for a spell. I’ll be spinning a few horror titles – hope you’ll join me. Paprika is a movie, not a series so we won’t be distracted. Bring snacks and a anime loving friend! Where: rabb.it/chasinglux  When: 8:00 p.m. EST Host: ChasingLux

What I ate Today: GF Eating

Got a late start this morning but, fruit was a delicious balm. 
Loving the color. 

Toxic Stream Culture: Why I won’t support 24 hour streams

Originally posted on Thumbstick Mafia:
24 hours. 1440 minutes. 86400 seconds.  I won’t pretend that I haven’t done ridiculous things for the love of video games and community but I personally believe that a gaming stream lasting 24 hours – for charity or not – is severely pushing the limitations of what is safe and…

Gluten Free Pantry: Bob’s Red Mill GF Oatmeal w Flax & Chia

Breakfast is undeniably my favorite meal.  Its the only food type that has no restriction on time for me – but Celiacs has robbed me of the ability to feast on all of the delicious gluten that usually accompanies it. Enter alternatives.   I have always been a fan of Oatmeal.  I usually buy it…

Bone – Yrsa Daley-Ward

Emergency Warning  I fell out of love with poetry for a while but was happy to rediscover it again in the say two years.  Yrsa Daley Ward made me feel like she was writing for me and the women I knew so intimately through nothing but heart ache.   I encourage you to explore yourself…