Ism or Not?

Another week, another larger non-black streamer is in “trouble” for saying the n word. Who it is doesn’t matter to the conversation, mainly because it is largely and by far an offense that has zero consequence. Let’s be honest – a white e-sports organization with mostly white men at the helm (in front and behind…


There is beauty in the discovery.

Day 17

P.M. Did you pray for me the way I prayed for you? Pages filled with intentions, dotted with my tears splotches of ink and corrections You’re my dream made flesh My fertile oasis in the desert You choose me again and again. 

On the Mountain

If you engage with me heavily or are familiar with my words – you probably follow me on twitter and you probably came to this post via a link posted there; I want to take the time to say thank you first and foremost for being part of this crazy ride that’s been my discovery…

Good Morning

I may not walk beside you at every moment lay with you at night but my days don’t start without you In those morning hours filled with the quiet I wait for you I’ve never been patient but I bridle that sense of flight because I know you’ll see me and when you do our…

It’s Burn Out Season!

Let’s finish off the year where we started – with good intentions and habits that reflect that. We should not wait for January to make adjustments and resolutions. Let’s stay committed to this year ’round! 


I’m accustomed to preparing for the end. I know my time in the lives of those around me will be brief. That’s not to say short but, I know it will be clinical, purposeful.     Take up room.   Be messy.   I want you to get comfortable.   In me. With me.   Beside me.

OW | Diamond 💎

At the end of Season 13, I was very frustrated with my progress in OW so I decided to make a commitment to play Competitive as often as I could (I had hundreds of hours logged in QP) and to play with the intention to climb. I’ve always been a solid gold into platinum player…