About Lux

It’s become really difficult to put together all of the aspects of my personality and interests in to a neat, fun to read, About page.The issue has always been that it never really captures me or rather I would try to capture myself here but only show you very select parts of me on the blog; either way, it was tedious in the past and I hope it will be less so this time around.

I’ve kept a blog since the Geocities and Xanga days and now it’s an irrevocable part of my life. I love reading and hope to be a writer one day. I enjoy immersing myself in world cultures and in subcultures. I always dance like no one is watching and I play the song game from Pitch Perfect…every day, by myself…all the time. I love anime, action movies, a good cry, fudge and to be surrounded by my family.

I’m always willing to listen. I’m a bibliophile.  I’m Caribbean born, queens raised and Brooklyn educated. I’m a student of life and I still believe I can change the world even if all I change is one person.

Thank you for stopping by.


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