On Flowers

I don’t usually pick flowers from the plants I tend. I generally let them fall and even tuck their browning petals into the pot. These flowers fell victim to the rain and wind last night and were still so beautiful so I wanted to give them a place of honor. I made a mini altar…

Go ahead withcho….

I was fortunate enough to get some fresh lavender from an OG. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to see, smell and touch one of my favorite flowers. I’m so grateful. Can’t wait for them to dry some and get married to some essential oils. Delighting in the magic of the mundane.

The Promise: 🌱

Its refreshing to indulge in some beauty amidst the black hole of anxiety and terror that is in the offing. A reminder that life continues with or without us. Here’s to new growth.


Kiss me until my lips swell in protest one that we are committed to ignoring show me the subtle magic of transfiguration while your tongue teases mine  and we flirt with danger “you taste of honey-wine and sunshine my love. welcome home”  

Food Trappin – Light + Fast

I suppose this is mostly a food blog now. Writing has been a series of new tabs and documents that don’t seem to fully convey what I’m trying to relay. Hopefully, in a few weeks I can come back to these work in progress pieces and find something salvageable in the pile. In the meantime:…