The Promise: 🌱

Its refreshing to indulge in some beauty amidst the black hole of anxiety and terror that is in the offing. A reminder that life continues with or without us. Here’s to new growth.


Kiss me until my lips swell in protest one that we are committed to ignoring show me the subtle magic of transfiguration while your tongue teases mine  and we flirt with danger “you taste of honey-wine and sunshine my love. welcome home”  

Food Trappin – Light + Fast

I suppose this is mostly a food blog now. Writing has been a series of new tabs and documents that don’t seem to fully convey what I’m trying to relay. Hopefully, in a few weeks I can come back to these work in progress pieces and find something salvageable in the pile. In the meantime:…

Strand Book Store – They get me

Picked up these two magnets today on my lunch break run along with The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides They have t-shirts as well. Clearly they give no damns about my budget. 

Scribblenauts Unmasked

Since Aden got me a 3ds last year to play Pokèmon X, I’ve only played one other game on the hand held, the Adventure Time game.  I realize that I’m far from adjusted to old school platformers so didn’t want to invest in a game that would make me mad…so here we are. It’s got…