BC // Day 4: Let’s Catch Up

I got knocked health wise in the past few days – nah, not Big Rona but the demons have started to dance on my uterus.

That of course, put me a few days behind on the challenge so I’m going to play catch up by getting a few done in one post.

Challenge Points

#23 – Tattoos/ Piercings? 
I only have two tattoos – they are both relatively tiny. Once on purpose, the other on accident. I have an infinity symbol on my ring finger – a promise to myself first and then to my Husband.
The original form of my Grandfather’s name is on my arm.
Piercings? My ears.  I rarely wear jewelry but I happily re-pierce them with my earrings on the maybe 4x a year I decide to.
#16 – What makes you happy? 
What makes me happy is an ever expanding answer. I adore good company, seeing other folks delight in themselves and their gifts, great food, dope conversation, pretty plants and ugly scars because they come with the best stories. The way I’ve learned to move through the world and around my sadness – delighting in the little things.

#29 What makes you feel better? 
A good cup of tea, a spoonful of honey and a smile from someone I love.

#9 – Best trip of your life?
Lucy, in the sky with Diamonds.

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