I’m accustomed to preparing for the end. I know my time in the lives of those around me will be brief. That’s not to say short but, I know it will be clinical, purposeful.     Take up room.   Be messy.   I want you to get comfortable.   In me. With me.   Beside me.

Bone – Yrsa Daley-Ward

Emergency Warning  I fell out of love with poetry for a while but was happy to rediscover it again in the say two years.  Yrsa Daley Ward made me feel like she was writing for me and the women I knew so intimately through nothing but heart ache.   I encourage you to explore yourself…


I miss hearing your voice at night It made the demons seem like angels and midnight felt like the first sunrise  Instead I wallow in my mistakes Summon my own light But it isn’t you ++++++++++++++++++++ Have I said this before? Remind me Done this before? Offered you a sip of me only for you…


your name is the only prayer I ever say out loud moaned whispered a benediction two syllables per-fect e-nun-c-i-a-tion a sigh, a release an answer


We are opposing forces Your fire quenched by my water It makes you cold and still My warmth runs deep It always finds you You are fire When we touch it’s either a storm A flood or A blaze Cosmic law says We are both destruction In love; we are life and death Chaos and…