My Second Homecoming: New York

My first thoughts of this place was formed thousands of feet in the air, as I flew in over New York, midnight just passed but the lights could deceive you into thinking it was only dusk. My first embrace here was from my Mother, she was completely covered from head to toe, I could only…

Go ahead withcho….

I was fortunate enough to get some fresh lavender from an OG. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to see, smell and touch one of my favorite flowers. I’m so grateful. Can’t wait for them to dry some and get married to some essential oils. Delighting in the magic of the mundane.

Reclaiming our Worth

Who are you when you’re not defined by your work? How do you feel about yourself when you do not have the external validation of being a “provider”? How do you even begin to process these questions when society is designed to only celebrate money and status as success? When you sit still and unravel…

BC // Day 5: Micromanaging Creativity

As the days go on, it’s been increasingly difficult to get the challenge posts out on time. Why? I chose this struggle for myself as a way to ensure that I was breaking fully from my existing pattern of writing sporadically and only when in high states of emotion.  This recent explosion of comfort with…

The Promise: 🌱

Its refreshing to indulge in some beauty amidst the black hole of anxiety and terror that is in the offing. A reminder that life continues with or without us. Here’s to new growth.

BC // Day 4: Let’s Catch Up

I got knocked health wise in the past few days – nah, not Big Rona but the demons have started to dance on my uterus. That of course, put me a few days behind on the challenge so I’m going to play catch up by getting a few done in one post. Challenge Points #23…

BC // Day 3: Love is Worship

Love is the ultimate worship – first, the discovery of by seeing others, the finding of self through others, the exaltation of self as the greatest love and then the actual real work; loving outside of yourself. 

BC // Day 2: The Princess and the Pea

We are on day two of the Blogging Challenge and I decided on #11: Your favorite childhood book. It’s hard for me to choose just one book so I’ll go with the title that actually is categorized as a kids’ book; The Princess and the Pea. I remember it being the only one that I…

Blog Challenge // Day 1

I’ve written a few blog posts in a row and it feels good or whatever so *clears throat* I decided to find a challenge I like in hopes that it will keep me consistent or at the very least, vomiting words. I came across this one at MyFictionalWorld and posed it to the homie and…

No Reason to Reject the Ordinary

As an writer I’ve always hoped for a grander life, so that after I’d passed my prime or relevance, I could write a shocking, interesting memoir and be that cool old lady who had seen the world. Unfortunately, my life has been relatively average in most respects and average is what doesn’t get written about….