BC // Day 3: Love is Worship

Rumi has a way of getting to the core of me – there is a poem and a quote for every feeling; known and unknown. Rumi is the personification of words, style, divine love and expression. We have no choice but to stan, one of the few men I go up for – living or dead.

How am I supposed to choose one quote by him? Impossible. I’ll choose some of my favorites that come to mind – I want to be clear that these change daily.

Even if you lose yourself in wrath,
for a hundred thousand years
at the end you will discover,
it is me, who is the culmination.


Love said to me, there is nothing that is not me.
Be silent


I always thought that
I was me
but no,
I was you
and never knew it.


Love asks us to enjoy our life
for nothing good can come of death
Who is alive? I ask.
Those who are born of love.

Seek us in love itself,
Seek love in us ourselves.
Sometimes I venerate love,
Sometimes it venerates me


Rumi continuously captures my imagination when it comes to love, spiritual exploration and fulfillment. I don’t remember how I came to find him, but I know it seems like I’ve always known his words – they feel that much a part of me. Like finishing your lover’s sentences and stories in your head while you watch them tell it.

Love is the ultimate worship – first, the discovery of by seeing others, the finding of self through others, the exaltation of self as the greatest love and then the actual real work; loving outside of yourself.

Rumi’s writing is a living example of that journey.

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