It’s Burn Out Season!

Holiday season is burn out season, so let’s talk about some things we can do to help keep you present, focused and not in the mindset of overworking yourself:

  • Take an administrative day off to assess where you are right now. Pull up your analytics – How many hours have you been streaming per week, per month? If content creating is your side gig, include all your work hours and analyze whether or not your output is healthy*
  • How have you been resting? Noticing an uptick in sleepless nights or still being tired when you wake up? Does your body and your mind feel rested most of the days of the week?
  • Food and Wellness: Health starts in the gut: What have you been nourishing your body with? Have you been taking your vitamins? Not straining your eyes? Stretching your body – your hands? Your hand is your instrument – be sure it is well taken care of.
  • Fellowship: Have you been checking in with your people? Have you made time and room for your emotions to just be? Have you been checking in with yourself? How much time do you spend offline? When was the last time you went outside or did something new? Something bold?

*A note on “healthy” – that word will mean different things for different content creators. You should be able to tell what works for YOU. Some folks are marathon streamers, others only stream 1-2x a week. Make sure you are measuring the health of your stream by YOUR standards and no one else’s.

Don’t feel guilty for taking time off or needing to step away – you are the priority as the creative. Manage the expectations of your mod team and your Community. There will always be folks who feel entitled to your time, your stream and your creative output but that’s a them issue.

Let’s finish off the year where we started – with good intentions and habits that reflect that. We should not wait for January to make adjustments and resolutions. Let’s stay committed to this year ’round!

I believe in you – you got this.

Happy Holidays.


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