Blog Challenge // Day 1

I’ve written a few blog posts in a row and it feels good or whatever so *clears throat* I decided to find a challenge I like in hopes that it will keep me consistent or at the very least, vomiting words.


I came across this one at MyFictionalWorld and posed it to the homie and fellow writer Sheena who gladly took me up on it so here we are.

I peep the “spirit animal” question at #25 and I want to throw the entire thing in the trash – don’t use that phrasing unless you’re native TYSM.

Outside of that black spot, we’re rocking and I’ll leave it in so we can talk about the type of cultural boundaries we need to learn in general.


I probably won’t do these in order – let me just say that now but since it’s Day One.

Chasinglux is relatively new in comparison to my other online aliases namely, Azriela, Seek3r and Asiaelle. I had a name for every subsection of the internet that I frequented and I’ve been an “internet” person for a long time.

My worlds were colliding and I wanted them to in a gentle way – a way that made room for all aspects of me without any suffocation – so, Chasing Lux.

Lux  you need light to create the shadows has been the tag line of this blog since its inception. The idea of me being a seeker of knowledge, I felt like I am constantly in pursuit of my higher self – whatever it means to me that day.

So, Chasinglux. The re-brand, so I can honor containing multitudes.



Day one was relatively painless, right?

Let’s see how I fare at the end of the 30 days. I’d love it if you joined me on this ride. If you do – please post your links here or on twitter so I can check them out!


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  1. Virona says:

    I’ve started one too! It’s cool cause you actually have topics to talk about lol

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