On the Mountain

If you engage with me heavily or are familiar with my words – you probably follow me on twitter and you probably came to this post via a link posted there; I want to take the time to say thank you first and foremost for being part of this crazy ride that’s been my discovery of self via microblogging there. 

Don’t get fake scared, I’m not going anywhere – not really.

Maybe you’ve been around for a real long time; you might remember a time when I was doing #AnimeMondays, Netflix Recommendations, Book+Movie and Show reviews and generally still have for gaming, streaming, non-fiction diddling, photography and food related content but if you’re a more recent follow you would have missed a whole lot of that. 

Now, it seems that I  vomit my thoughts and ideas onto twitter and I’m addicted to the immediate gratification of being seen and acknowledged. 

What? You expected me to be sweet about it? Fuck the frail shit. 

Increased self reflection has made me particularly attentive in the past two years (I’ve been on twitter 10 years and I’ve had this space for just as long. Please judge me to my face) and I’ve made a conscious effort because it prevents me from expanding; namely fleshing out my ideas, thoughts and content in the thorough way it deserves. 

Waning discipline and creating a protective bubble around my creative process are also reasons – for the first time in a long time, I’m excited about testing the limits of my creativity and I’m willing to share other pieces of myself with you, some heavier – some just as light and filled with sunshine. 

All of this to say – I’m back.  

Streams will be consistent.
You’ll get new posts here.
New Thumbstick Mafia content is on the way. 

To the folks now finding me – welcome. We’ve got work to do.
To those of you that have held space for my words in whatever way you could get them over the years – this is for us.


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