No Reason to Reject the Ordinary

As an writer I’ve always hoped for a grander life, so that after I’d passed my prime or relevance, I could write a shocking, interesting memoir and be that cool old lady who had seen the world. Unfortunately, my life has been relatively average in most respects and average is what doesn’t get written about.

I’ve realized like most, that anticipating a life that I could never have, is depressing and it makes you forget to pay attention to the little things, the more important things that happen in your life while yearning for the unattainable.

It annoys me that women don’t really write about women’s issues. Real women’s issues. Like what do I do to help with the discoloration of my arm pits? No one wants to talk about real life. I don’t want every empowered female blog about sex, social issues, makeup and hair but not about questions that I want to ask my girlfriends but I’m ashamed to because they’ve never brought up such topics. And I’m not talking about shamefully doing it in passing, but really openly acknowledging that there are day to day insecurities and issues that impact us. Yes, I know there are more serious things that impact us in a bigger way, but that doesn’t that these things don’t deserve attention.

I wonder why this is. There is a huge separation on taboo topics that are being addressed versus issues that women have that they should feel free to openly discuss with other women. I’ve found a few blogs here and there that tackle these things from a “I’m pushing a product” perspective but generally – the more popular blogs are one or at most, two dimensional.  Articulate, sex positive, real bloggers are out there but what but why is this a rarity? Women blog, women live regular lives, why the silence?

I’ve gotten over my delusions of greatness and I’m comfortable now with being average and regular, I just want to talk about regular stuff.

Don’t alienate the everyday.

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  1. kbeezyisviral says:

    Most people aren’t comfortable in their own shells, so they will never have an enticing story to tell. When it comes to writing about the life you live, most won’t believe the gifts you give.

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