I, Robot


I’ve already discussed in a previous post my dislike to for washing dishes so I think I’ll flip this challenge a bit.

If I were a robot, I would either be relegated to cooking or to caring for either older people or animals.

Cooking I enjoy but not as much as I adore watching people satisfied because they had my food. There is something about sating someone’s hunger and arousing their taste buds that really does it for me. It is always an act of love when I cook regardless of my mood.

Nurturing is easy for me, I’m always the Mom of the group; the person that everyone expects to have advil or know what to do and I enjoy that role as it never feels like the wrong thing to do (Cooking / Feeding someone is clearly an extension of this)

I would be perfectly content with either of these if I were a robot. What kind of robot would you be?



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