What I ate Today: GF Eating



I’ll be bringing back the photo series What I ate Today as I noticed there aren’t many that are targeted to my GF needs and my taste buds. Hopefully you might find something you want to try and that you are encouraged – it is difficult having Celiac and being GF but it doesn’t have to be all over sugared or bland foods. There is still an opportunity for creativity and delighting yourself with taste.

Got a late start this morning but, fruit was a delicious balm.
Loving the color.

Fruit is an easy go to when you have Celiac’s Disease – the sweetness of the peaches and the slight tartness of the berries were a great pairing with black tea. I spent the night with a aching stomach so, I needed something gentle but substantial to open my appetite a bit and this definitely did the trick.

I followed it up with a slice of Udi’s GF Bread and my stomach was grateful.

Looking forward to doing it again tomorrow but with eggs and bacon.


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