Daily Post: Strike a Chord


I’ve played a few instruments here and there but my best has always been my voice. Understand that when I say best, I don’t mean that I have any kind of vocal prowess; I have an average voice. My years in the church choir taught me a lot but years of not exercising that muscle rigorously has lead to a loss in ability / range – a loss I don’t mourn. 

I enjoy singing and usually pair my love of reading with my infatuation with music. 

An unexpected benefit of singing was realizing that it calms my cat and makes move closer to me so he could be serenaded, he always lets me know when he’s had enough by making a quick exit. 😀

Singing I would say will always be a comforting thing for me and I suspect that’s what heavy musicians get from playing their instruments; soul cleansing yet reflective of whatever mood you’re in. 

I have dabbled with Guitar and Piano. The former more than the latter. Playing an instrument for me was lonely, I always imagine a combination of instruments when I hear music versus one instrument. I also never felt like I got it “right” even when I was strumming at the correct pace and holding the right key…it never seemed to click with me and instruments but my voice (though a bit worse for wear) has always been there and is the ultimate healing when I need to vent. 

What instrument do you play?

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  1. Our pets enjoy music too. It is usually our dog that does the ‘singing’. He is very good at yodelling for attention – usually around dinner time. So I guess you could say that he ‘sings for his supper’ 😉

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