Vice Vice Baby

There aren’t many vices that would make me raise an eyebrow for more than an second. I assume that most people have multiple; some that they are willing to share and others of a more private nature.

The only issue I have with vice are those who do everything in excess. You know the kind of person I’m talking about; you want to do a round of shots? They order a bottle. I’m all for moderation so you can spread your vices around. 🙂 There is no reason to go overboard every single time.

Overindulging is what can mess up your chances of next time. Sample. Flit from flower to flower and keep moving. There are entirely too many things to experience and see in the world to be ruined by one.

Oh, also:

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  1. I’m suspicious Asiaelle, what’s with the rick roll link? As for vices, each to his own I say. I wouldn’t mind few more!

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