Beauty of Silence

When I was a little girl I had a lot of time with my thoughts. I could sit on the verandah of our house and pretend that a chain of events occurred that allowed me governance over everything I could see.

I would pass laws and observe people as they walked by, most of them not noticing me on my perch.

I started to wonder about their lives and weird things like if they put their pants on before their shirt or if they brushed their teeth before they combed their hair. Those little details fascinated me to no end.

I wanted to know more. It’s out of those quiet moments of what I now know to be self reflection did I realize that I was always going to be more interested in telling someone else’s story and looking for the little differences that set us apart.

I miss those still, silent moments where I can take everything around me in and process it at whatever pace I like. I’m strive to find these moments that show me that every single person leads their own army and no one story is less than the other.

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  1. Oh no – don’t stop it! I STILL do it! I could people watch and dream awake all day long if I didn’t have other more pressing things – but any opportunity and I’m right back there. I would literally lose it if I could not have those beautiful silent moments.

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