Your turn to wash the dishes

While I love cooking, I hate washing dishes. Yes, hate. The “deal” in my household is whoever cooks, is absolved from washing dishes. This still doesn’t work because I hate washing dishes, even on the days when I didn’t cook.

I can’t identify what it is about the task itself that I hate; but I do know that part of it is growing up in a West Indian / Caribbean household. Kids are the dish washing machines and after a get together (I have a LARGE family) it can take close to an hour of back breaking work to get everything up to par. They needed to be up to par because some random aunty might peep over your shoulder and make you start over because ‘yuh forget to use soap? Why dis one dutty so?”.

It’s one of the worst feelings but it’s what made us “good” at watching dishes by the time we hit pre-teen – teen years.

I associate it with being a kid and having large groups of people around me. I’m no longer the former and I despise the latter unless I’ve had quite some time to prepare for it.

Mostly now, it’s the left over food mush in the drain trap, the wrinkly fingers from extended water exposure and the bad habit of bending over like a granny while doing dishes. It leaves me with a slight ache in my back that is almost mocking in its intensity.

I’d never get a dish washing machine but I see the appeal of having kids, even if it’s so they wash the dishes.

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  1. Those darn nosey aunties! As a control freak I prefer to take full control of the whole operation. That way whilst I’m cooking I’m washing up and the kitchen is kept spotless simultaneously. On large family occasions they get paper plates so literally when the food is served EVERYONE can relax and enjoy it – even the chef – because there is nothing left to be done.
    Anyone who insists on ‘proper’ plates are pointed to the plates AND the kitchen sink when they are done.

    I personally can’t stand bits of food mixed in with soapy water and left in the sink for any length of time. I also had a brand new dishwasher that came with my house and I didn’t use it for a decade. I find they are really good if you like eating last weeks food with this weeks.

    1. Asiaelle says:

      Lmfao! Thanks for stopping by and commenting !!

    2. Asiaelle says:

      Lmfao. I wish my family would get on the paper plate wave. That only happens at bar-b-ques / cookouts and dishwashers do suck.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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