Why is Battlefield 4 so broken?

I’m not sure any one has the answer to that question. It seems inconceivable that a franchise game, the fourth one in, has this many issues. We have become game testers for developers. They don’t even bother finishing the game before they take our money.

1. What is “0” health? Why is this now something I see often in the bullshit encounters I have with people who are clearly playing another game than I am. There is no 0 health. 0 health is dead. Why is that person walking around? Oh, he killed my team mate. Great.

2. What is this “ghost gun” shit? I spawn and then I have to wait about four seconds for my gun to…appear. In a game where…the object of the game is the shoot people, I kind of need it as soon as I spawn. Not by the time I make it upstairs.

3. You released and update. Thanks. Actually, No thanks EA / Dice. You BROKE it even more. Now, there are times when I don’t hear any of the game sounds. By game sounds I mean, the sound of my gun, other players on the map, gun fire / battles and explosions. You know what I hear? My radio beacon and that ssscccclicccck sound when I resupply. Now, it’s become a gamble. Will I get a game where I can hear the game or not? Every time the map loads…my heart loads right along side it.

4. I used to think that shots to the head mattered, unfortunately they don’t always in Battlefield 4. Source: I play Battlefield 4

5. No good mixed servers. Either you’re playing the same rotation of old maps or new maps. There’s never any servers that have an even mix or a good rotation. Forces you to leave servers even if you’ve found a great group of people to play with. Your playlists get boring. (I play mostly TD)

I could go on but those are the top 5.

I wish EA / Dice would stop treating their customers like shit and fix these issues so that we can not feel terrible about giving you $60 for a game.

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