On being better to myself

One of the world’s unspoken but known rules is that no one can be as good to you as you are to yourself. I never quite understood that when I was younger, hell as lately as last year and I was eternally wrapped up in always doing good for others and hoping that some how that would make me feel prettier and more confident.

Late last year, I realized that I wasn’t as unattractive as I previously thought; don’t get me wrong, I’m not a model. I see the dips and flaws in my skin and my looks but I recognize that they are a part of me and without them I would have nothing to set me apart from all the other girls that are also trying to find themselves and grow into their skin.

I’m not super confident but I am getting more comfortable. I put a bit more thought into what I wear before I leave home and I try to fix my hair  (not confident to go get it done at a salon I haven’t gone to yet, but I’m getting there) and I’m more open minded to the what I know I want to be and as much as I denounced looks in the past and my ability to care about it, I will say now that I understand that sometimes when you can’t smile, your clothing, the way you’re put together, your hair and your poise needs to be able to do that for you and also the simple concept of when you look better, you feel better really is true.

I don’t want to become a 10 nor do I aspire to be. I’m happy being a 6; more happy and content than I’ve ever been.

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