Ramble Ramble

What I absolutely hate is waking up and dealing with this feeling of complete emotional trauma. I feel stifled, exhausted and irritable and logically there is no reason why. I’ve actually been doing good I think, making peace with the big decisions I’ve made lately aka its all for the greater good syndrome so I don’t understand why this morning brings such apprehension and dread.

Going to try to be overly cautious in the way I talk and deal with people today to ensure I’m not projecting. I worry about that because with the walking Psych Master Thesis study that is my workplace you never know how someone may snap.

:deep breath: I’m sure it will be okay. Just the wordpress rant makes me feel better for now. Next step, dealing with other people and hopefully I can bumble my way through the day and tomorrow I will wake up the way I’m supposed to; with a clear head, full heart and a plan to tackle the day.

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