Rihanna, Chris Brown and Fame

We don’t know the full story, but, seems like everyone is choosing sides and laying blame; they both contributed to the situation; Chris Brown a bit more than Rihanna. As human beings we are not always able to control our emotions but we should be able to control our reactions.

The sad part of this is that the country is so outraged by it because it’s two young “hollywood” stars, so many women and men (yeah I said it, men) die from domestic abuse every year and it seems only those affected by it directly are the only ones that care about it year round; the masses only care about it when it’s their favorite pop star.

We can not eliminate the possibility that she may have hit him, I have in my anger struck out at my significant other however he is stronger and faster and knows that he could do way more damage to me then I ever can to him with just bare hands so…he walked away and at times held me so I couldn’t move; it is not impossible to think that someone (Chris Brown) who grew up in an abusive home could not process his reaction and while he knew that his mom was hurt in a similar situation could not liken what his mom went through and what he’s going through. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking Chris Brown’s side, but I believe that everything isn’t always so black and white.
Rihanna’s face is clear however, that she was hurt and that it was above and beyond just a slight reaction to whatever it is she might have said or done, it was extreme and she was gravely hurt. To the people that are upset about this, be upset about it all year and remember that women aren’t always the ones that get abused.

835,000 men are battered each year and most of them never speak out or get help or consuelling. We need to break the cycle for both genders.

I wish Rihanna well, I hope that she can find true happiness and I hope Chris Brown can work out his issues; therapy perhaps? Who knows. Time will tell; they are stars, it’s not like they have any privacy.

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