Watchmen The Movie

Initial thoughts before seeing the movie, being a big fan of the book: It was gonna suck but it was going to look good while it sucked major ass.

So, I saw it and I was blown away within the first 10 seconds. I have to say that the opening scene with the Comedian was one of the greatest scenes in the movie. The likeness of the characters to the depictions on the novel were also on point and were translated on screen to the best of their ability without it being a 10 hour film (hey if Warhol can do it….) So, it had me from hello; preserved the most of the story or what they deemed as the important bits and there was a lot of additional scenes that were not panels that was based on the pictures and clippings from the Original Nite Owl’s book. Rorschach was the best character and definitely set the tone for the movie; the well meaning vigilante with strong values and a sense to get to the bottom of things…

Good movie; ending changed a bit to resolve some loose ends
/spoiler/ there was no alien…I think Alan Moore was on a bit of something when he wrote that in anyway/spoiler/ but it still gets the point across; it shows the struggle of friendships through power, regime change, mindset changes etc and how these human beings deal with it. Love, war, peace, anger, forgiveness, passion, hatred…these are all emotions that were tapped on, and it was done right. Of course the book couldn’t be translated 100% accurately to screen…but 90% is pretty damn good, no?

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