Obama/Monkey/NY Post Issue

Few things to cover.

Obama: Yes, Yes, change. He got elected, now, the masses have stopped being proactive about their government, voting is only one part of our democratic process; we have four years to show that we can collectively make a difference if we don’t; he’ll just be the first black guy in office. It can be so much more than that.

Monkey (the one that got shot) Uhm, shouldn’t be giving a chimpanze xanax or feeding it alcohol. Maybe if she treated the thing more like an animal and not her husband, this would have not happened. I do feel sorry for her friend that’s still in the ICU and I definitely feel sorry for the chimp that had to die because some old lady wanted companionship and didn’t know where to stop.

NY Post; I’m sure that when the idea for the cartoon was thought up and even done, comparing Obama to a chimp was not what you had in mind, I’m sure…I’m sure cartoonist guy had some other thoughts as to why it would have been appropriate…but he neglected to think that everyone else didn’t necessarily have the same thought process and it came off as distasteful (even though Obama personally didn’t write our stimulus package he just approved it) and racist; no one likes to be compared to a monkey whether they are white and black or white or black; it was an error in judgment but it became much more than that, because our President is half African American and I’m sure has been referred to as a monkey at some point as a racial slur (or at the very least other african american people were called monkeys so, the point is not lost here) and we are at a time where as a country we are hyper-sensitive about race because it is still not something that we have put behind us, we are not in a place where we can; this just added some zest to the sauce. Be sensitive, you’re in journalism…act like it.

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  1. The cartoonist was only commenting that the stimulus bill is crazy enough to have been written by a monkey. The cartoon had nothing to do with Obama.

  2. angirach says:

    I know that and you do, but a hyper-sensitive country who just elected a bi-racial president does not. As I said, Obama did not write the stimulus bill. 🙂

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