Gamers are social. Yeah, we know.

There’s always a negative stigma that surrounds hard core video gamers. ” I have a life and I can’t spend all my time getting good at video games”. ” I have other things to do”. ” I have friends” Great, we do too. The majority of people who constantly keep up with video games are part of a budding sub-culture of teenagers and young adults who, do have other things going on in their lives and use video games for the purpose that it was intended: escape, relaxation, socialization.

Think about it, some of the most popular games of this past year where? Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Gears of War, GTA 4, Soul Calibur 4, Guitar Hero 3, Rockband…all of these games are hugely sucessful and their success is dependent on either their multi player online ability or their multi player ability in general. Gamers like to play with their friends. They like to beat their friends (lol) and they like games with potential for them to get better and recognized for their skill.

I don’t doubt that there are people who sit down and do nothing but play video games all day, refuse to get a job, have no life etc but most of us gamers aren’t that lazy. Our video game time is somewhere meshed in between catching up on our latest shows, doing what we can on our day off and rushing home after a stressful day at work so we can get some time in with our friends. Gaming is social and even games with a reputation for addiction like WOW (World of Warcraft) require you to play with multiple people, that is if you ever want to level up and see the entire WOW world.

So, the next time you get your butt whooped online playing a video game, think before you say that the person that just kicked your butt has no life and don’t judge gamers. We definitely don’t judge you for your past times.


Oh, if you don’t believe me, someone else was thinking the same thing.


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  1. Punkbeatz says:

    Amen to that! I get a few strange looks when I’m asked at work what I did the previous night, only to tell my colleagues I played video games for an hour or two. It wasn’t my whole night by any means, but the mention of the activity is enough for people to think I do nothing but waste my free time staring at pixels.

    It seems very ironic that someone can watch a film and that’s a worthy way of spending 2 hours, when that usually means sitting with friends in silence watching images. A game requires huge levels of interaction, decision-making and strategy, and also involves other people to play with, which is much more than a film offers in way of a social activity.

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