Sick and tired but still loving love

The story is the same for most couples that have been together for a long time, who know each other inside out to the point where it’s like reading a book, a book with the same fu%king words, saying the same messed up shit it was saying in chapter one.

You’ve read the book over and over again and the over all story is nice but some chapters need to be re-edited or just plain re-written and the author is just incapable. It’s frustrating, it hurts, you cry, you think about leaving, you wonder why you stay but at the end of it all you do.

You remember the somber brown eyes that lured you into his soul, his confidence, his intelligence, his wit, his charm, handsome face and irresistable body and the potential there for more. Not only for you but for him to excel and the arguments go away for a while, you know they’ll come back but once in a while you just need to revel in him. Enjoy him. Read the chapters that you like, underline your favorite parts, put it up on a pedestal and let all the extra fall away.

If he loves you anything like you love him, I’m sure he’s trying to do the same.

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