Internet Election, Bias Election

Since we’ve become so technologically advanced, it seems that a lot of focus us placed on advertising the candidates for our next upcoming election online. It seems that facebook and myspace jabs have replaced actually debates and town hall meetings. I get it, we need to cater to our youth, but we need to inspire our youth to care, not to make a decision based on popularity.

I praise both McCain and Obama for getting online, being on those mediums but how much relevant information can really be passed on through the internet? Things get skewed, misinformation runs rampant and mostly, you’ll get bashed horribly if someone doesn’t like you. There are two campaigns going on here, one that’s going on in the real world where people are willing to go hear these people speak and one online which is more of shitfest of one candidate going against each other, online you can pretend its anonymous and shift blame, you can call people names, call them out period and blame the intern who did it, the supporter who wrote the blog etc but to what end.

Palin’s family is too riske for someone that’s supposed to be conservative, she doesn’t help people that have special needs when she has a special needs child, her son is on drugs, she cheats on her husband. McCain cheated and left his wife for a hot(yeah…not really hot) but younger woman and moved on with his life, he reiterates over and over again that he was in the military and that he was a prisoner of war; his wife has too much money, they have too much houses.  Obama is black, inexperienced…did I mention black? Bi-racial, his pastor is a radical racist who is having an affair, his wife is too tough and calls him out during his speech, he’s too viral, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Biden, that guy? that’s who their choosing?

It’s all bullshit. People see what they want to, predjudices and bias exist only if we allow it to. There shouldn’t be Black, white, female, male, old or young questions. There should be questions about our social security, our health care system, our economic recession, the bringing our troops home, the over all value of our dollar, the price of gas still being high when the price per barrel is cheaper….we need to be asking questions about our future instead of bickering about the classifications of the people running.

I don’t care if their democratic or republican, if they can take us there, if they can help heal our country from the idiocy that has befallen it for the past 8 years.

Use the internet for good, explain your policies in detail, let us know why you would be better, how our country can be better and we’ll stand by you.

While my personal choice if Obama this election, I do not feel like I should be judged, belittled or called names for my personal decision. I feel the same way about any one else’s.


Anastasia R.

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  1. Mark says:

    Nice post. I’m using the Internet for good at

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