Sarah Palin’s No Call, No Show

Photo credit: AFP/Getty Images

AFP/Getty Images

Well the latest in Palin news is that she will not be on the talk show circuit like everyone else. So far she has not done any solo appearances nor is she attempting to put herself out there like McCain has, I think the Republican party surmised that if she is kept hush hush then maybe those in the know would forget about the whirlwind that is Palin-gate.

First Oprah came out and said that she would not have Palin on the show, stating that she would not help platform her in any way shape of form (we all know about the oprah cult) but based on everything going on, she would love to interview her after the election.

Then, everyone notices that she’s no where to be found at all unless she’s very close to the bosom of McCain.

Repubs are scared that she would be torn to shreds by people who know what they’ve been trying to supress about her, I dare her to get on a reputable show, no BS, no drama and talk and be interviews, not with questions her party asked them to ask but with questions the world wants to know the answers to.



Anastasia R

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  1. Mi says:

    Haha. If she took you up on that dare, I fancy that there would be quite the storm of mayhem. And a lot of losing face.

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