Gaming: A study on its effect on culture

Since I’ve been playing Halo (3, going on 4 years) I’ve been plagued by a lot of issues namely from non gamers who really believe, deep down in their hearts that video games have contributed to violent outbursts in children/young adults.

Now. I’m not saying that video games haven’t upped the exposure of violence but like with movies and music, games do come with a rating. If your child is under 18 and playing a rated M (Rated M for Mature), then it’s not the fault of the Game Makers and they should not be held accountable when your underage child plays a video game and acts out (Children sometimes can not tell the difference between real and fantasy and the lives maybe blurred), what I’m trying to say is check yourself.

Example 1. If you child drinks underage, gets drunk and gets alcohol poisoning, would you sue the beer company? Example 2. If your child sneaks and gets into a movie that features cursing and your child starts cursing, do you sue the makers of the movie? Same logic applies here.

I’m tired of the blame game. The latest strand of idiocy arises from this article: There’s a couple of things wrong with this article and I’d be delighted to point them out.

1. An 11 year old boy decided to skip school and there was no one to do anything about it.

2. He owned a .22 calibre rifle

3. He plays halo, a game that’s rated M17 which means for mature audiences, recommended for ages 17 and up.

4. He owned a gun, but was not taught how to properly use a gun. He took the magazine out but did not eject the round that was already in the chamber.

I can not believe that journalists and even the parents are even encouraging and goading the media and the community at large by stating that he skipped school to play halo and was continuously playing halo. Uh, the parents shouldn’t have allowed the game and should have paid a bit more attention to the gun they had lying around in the house. The kid could have been trying to recreate what he saw with his parents while they were casually shooting around.

I’m tired of people using video games, music, movies and everything but themselves as an excuse for why they are not good and attentive parents. I’m not saying that my mom knew everything I did, but if it was something as intense as playing a video game, she made damn sure she did her research, she would have spent an afternoon at the gaming store finding out everything about the thing before it even set foot in the house and it would have never set foot in the house since I was underage anyways.

We need better parents, more initiative and to follow the ratings. Stop scapegoating! I’m sorry that your son passed away, but don’t play the blame game.

I am, going to play some halo tonight. Anyone getting on Live?

P.S. for entertainment purposes only:


Anastasia R, gamer girl

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