Katrina, Gustav and all the Others.

On the day that Katrina Hit we could say our lives as a country were changed just as it was changed on Sept 11Th. While we can not compare the loss in lives, the outpouring of compassion and outrage was there in full force in the same way for a number of reasons.

Here we are years later and that region is facing the same problem again. Another Hurricane, this time, Gustav, threatening to possibly undo all he re-building going on in that region. It’s saddening but it’s a reality that most people have to face living in that region, close to the water, below sea level. Nothing been done to help them brace of this Storm, levies are still torn asunder, half arsed, the only difference is that this time, the people are informed, have evacuated or at least gone to reasonable shelter.

The reason I keep saying “Region” and not Louisiana is because while New Orleans was hit the hardest, it wasn’t the only place that was hit.


I’m sure our hearts and prayers and hopes for the best are with them. Stay strong, weather the storm. Again.


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