We dismiss them because we can’t see them, all arms and legs with puffy stomachs. They are forgotten, they are those who truly experience suffering. They can count on their rubs how many times this month they’ve eaten, they don’t have a preference, don’t care if its fish or vegetables but they have no such choice.

They pray for change but it does not come, celebrity causes and National Geographic documentaries can’t help all of them. They are waiting for intervention, salvation or at the very least, hope that it will come.

God has not been able neither have their brothers, humanity at large…they worry who would feed their children when they are gone? Who will wipe their tears?


We forget those that have it worse than us if its not on the news, we should be aware of the human condition regardless of whether or not it is advertised, it is our business to know, to help…if it were us, we would want no less from the world.

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