Netflix | Shadow

Found this gem while browsing last night.

Set in Johannesburg, South Africa, it gives you the appearance of a classic “the good guy fights back” story but it tackles very real-world situations as you follow Shadow, the former Police Officer (*whispers* with a dark past) who fell out of love with a system that he saw had no effect on the crime and darkness – so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

What immediately drew me to this was the hope that I could get a glimpse into Black culture in South Africa – and it certainly is that. I was concerned with how they would handle language but I was pleasantly surprised – the characters do speak their native tongues alongside English, which is spoken the majority of the time but I appreciate that room is given in a natural way.

You’ve got a cast of black faces you probably haven’t seen, a bit of action and so far – it is on par if not above a lot of the superhero shows we’ve binged on Netflix *cough* IronFist*cough*.

I won’t give anything else anyway – check out the trailer and give it an episode or three. This is one of the few recommendations I’m throwing out before I finish a series so I will amend as I watch, as needed.

Trigger warning for violence and particularly the portrayal if violent and abusive acts toward women. So I would skip this if this will affect your mental health.

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