Netflix Recommendations: Spooky Explorations

It’s finally spooky season!

So I’m back with a few recommendations for you. All the movies on this list are categorized as horror but they all have elements that them not your average, traditional scare. They all explore their respective topics with nuance and stay with you a bit after you’re done watching.


The Transfiguration:


This made the list because Vampires – who doesn’t like Vampires? But its mostly a coming of age story about a young black boy who is dealing with loss, being different and living with his older brother while dealing with all of the complications of being black and male in America.


Memoir of A Murderer:


This one surprised me the most, the description on Netflix is pretty straightforward BUT it explores Alzheimer’s in a way that allows you to feel the desperation of a bright man, losing his grip on reality and his mind but also being an over-protective Father, trying to protect his daughter.  This is a Korean offering, so be ready to read those subtitles and get comfortable – it’s a bit lengthy but worth it.


I’ve tried many times to describe this movie – I’ve tried to review it and I keep feeling like no matter what I say, it won’t be enough to fully capture the lingering feeling of sadness, confusion and questions that remain. It’s the type of movie that you watch again, immediately after and call your friends about because you need someone that you trust to discuss it with. It’s a horror, sci-fi mash up and the use of silence and lack of dialogue really drives home the subtle terror of this coming of age story. This is a French offering.
I hope you give these three titles a try and I hope you enjoy them. I’ll be back soon with some more Spooky Season Recommendations for you to enjoy.


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