Gluten Free: Pantry Additions

Celiac can manifest itself in a variety of ways so it’s best for you to be prepared for the really bad ones. I’ve learned that keeping some staples on hand helps me navigate the worst of my stomach based shenanigans – here are two of my must haves.

Boost Plus is a quick, gluten free – lactose free protein pick me up for the days when eating just isn’t going to happen. Since it is a supplement drink you are squeezing in your vitamins, minerals and proteins so you can use it to take the place of a meal or in addition to your regular eating if you are looking to gain / maintain weight.

I personally only enjoy this in Chocolate Sensation but it also comes in Vanilla and Strawberry. I recommend buying this in larger quantities at retailers like Target, Amazon etc.

There does seem to be a slight variation in flavor from batch to batch but it’s always really tasty. Comparable to Ensure in flavor. Yes, this is sweet. Tuh.


Lotus Foods Rice Ramen 

When you don’t have a lot of time to prep – throw a pot of water on and quickly make some Ramen. The noodles are neutral with a subtle aftertaste that doesn’t stay with you for a long time and the broth is instantly soothing. This is one of my favorites because you can really finesse it depending on how much time and effort you are willing to expend at that moment.

Married to the bathroom? This takes 7 minutes.
Wanting to step it up a bit? Throw in some green onions, grated ginger, red pepper-flakes and a some soy sauce to balance the flavor.
Really got time? Simmer some chicken stock. Throw in the veggies, herbs and some left over chicken to make a full, hearty soup. Add a soft boiled egg – for the culture.


One of my new discoveries is the Gluten Free BakeryOriginal Sandwich Bread.
In a rare moment of bravery while ordering groceries via Fresh Direct a few weeks ago, I tried a new brand of bread. I’ve previously been a very strong Udi’s supporter as it was the best I had come across in a while but Gluten Free Bakery takes the title.

This is bread that feels like bread, tastes like bread and acts like bread. It isn’t inedible after it gets cold – can hold up to a bit of touching and is sized like a regular loaf almost. It does have some crumble tendencies but it is far less of an issue than I’ve experienced with other brands.

I have fallen in love with this brand and I vow to try as much of their products as possible. Bread is a must have for me and truly what I miss the most about going gluten free above all else.

Bread isn’t revolutionary but there have been weeks where it’s been all I could manage – super important in my household.  I look forward to rediscovering sandwiches and appreciating toast for not almost chipping my tooth.

I have quite a few more to add to this particular category but I realized that I have not been taking decent photographs of the food stuff I’ve been using.

Are you Celiac / Gluten Intolerant or have any food exceptions? If so, what are the items you keep on hand that make your life easier?

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