Slight Pepper Please


As a Caribbean girl; spicy food is a way of life. It’s so common that I sometimes forget that it’s not “home food” for the entire populous of the U.S.

With that said; I have Public Service Announcement.

Spicy =/= Seasoned

Since seasonings don’t end with a salt and pepper shaker in my household, it’s difficult to explain the nuance to those who have grown up seasoning-less.

Not sure what’s goes with what? I got a cheat for ya:


Spicy foods do come from seasoning combinations and the addition of fresh or dried pepper flakes but there’s levels to this!

Don’t be intimidated by new spices; experiment and think of your food as clothing, there are layers and depths of flavor and while you can be over dressed, there is never an excuse to be under-dressed.

Go forth and explore!






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  1. Your spice sheet is pretty cool! I’ve been working on eating healthy and having more vegetables in my diet which can get mundane pretty fast unless you get creative. This list is helpful, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thewitch says:

    The spice sheet is amazing!! That is going up on my kitchen wall right now. Great post, thank you!!

    1. Asiaelle says:

      Thank you! Love the handy things I find on the internet. Happened upon this in my search to jazz up vegetables.

  3. Chelle says:

    Great play on words. I agree, bland food is so unnecessary. As your cheat sheet shows there are so many spices/herbs that compliment each other. No excuses!

  4. Easter Ellen says:

    Great article and I love that you offer these combinations. I have bookmarked the page to remember and use this.

    1. Asiaelle says:

      Glad it is coming in handy!

  5. RSAGARCIA says:

    Awesome! Deliver the knowledge, sister! Shoutout from one Caribbean girl to another 😉 Found your blog through Jodie’s, by the way. Think I’ll stick around.

    1. Asiaelle says:

      Hello right back! Thank you.

  6. Very informative post you got here! I don’t cook but this “cheat sheet” will definitely help me one day if I decide to try my hands at cooking. 🙂

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