Said on Sunday

Every Sunday I’m reminded of my past in Christianity. Like an unexplained noise in the darkness it haunts me and my time line of Facebook. I do not count these people as friends.

They are the dirty secret I’d like to forget; I was one of them. This is not a blast on religion, this is a belittling of people who truly believe that they are great, self inflated by a book and ‘Ministers’ who’s job it is to help them find their way to heaven.

I’ve seen the dark side of Christianity, I’ve felt the indoctrination, sometimes even now when I hear the glimmer of my former Pastor in the back of my mind teaching me that bad things happen to bad people so my physical affliction is my doing not God’s and saviour from whatever I’m going through begins with ‘worship and dedication’ because Jesus is the only way.

Of the people I’ve met and come into contact with in my life; there are very few that I can say personified the objective of being Christlike which is the inherent principle of Christianity. What Church taught me is that people are fickle. People have no morals. People are more about spectacle than Spiritual growth. And lastly that most people don’t care (deep down, to the core) about their actions and their deeds, this is just a way to try to stowaway to heaven just in case there is such a place.

On Social networking sites I have discovered a new approach; guilt and spiritual blackmail that not so much speaks to you for making an alternative decisions (ie choosing being a better person versus going to church) but embarrasses you by using the ‘Riot’ mentality.

I for one can not go back, the Christian Church would have to radically change. I also can not support a Church that is a business rather than a meeting of the minds and I can’t be a part of anything that hurts and voilates dissenters, not because they are evil but because they err on the side of logic.

So, for now…I will dim my internet presence on Sunday to avoid the wanna bes and the Sunday on Christians and ever day I will focus on becoming more kind, more compassionate, stronger, more loving and truly ‘good’. I hope I see you there.

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  1. Lois says:

    I think everything boils down to the individual. Every religion or cult or even people personal non religious ideologies, people say one thing and do another, even if one is not a christian, they can have morals or standards that they fail horribly at. We are all human and a lot of us are hypocrites, this is in every religion, race, creed etc, etc. I definitely agree that we should all work on our kindness, compassion and being our best !

    1. angirach says:

      Definitely, I was only using the Christian example because it was the only one at my disposal and the only one that directly affects me.

      Religion to me is less important than advancing spiritually.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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