On trying to organize my writing…

I would describe myself as a journal addict; a book waiting to happen in perpetually. I’ve never had an issue articulating my thoughts or having thoughts that needed to be put down on paper but I’ve always had an issue keeping it all together.

I’ve been writing a book for sometime but because I am so inherently critical, I have been unable to have anyone read past three chapters even thought all the reviews I’ve gotten so far on what I’ve shared was great. I have an inability to keep a constant journal because I sometimes have an issue acknowledging that not only that I do need to vent but I can not even give that much importance to my own emotions because I don’t feel like they are valid enough to be put down and shared even if it is within the pages of my diary.

Whenever I say I will try to write more I manage to do so for two to three days and then I completely stop. I’m wanting to be a writer and exercise my creative gumption but I can’t get past myself is what it really is. Now that I’ve got that out, I guess, I have to try harder.

Time to organize folks. MOBILIZE!

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