Why i’m finally mad at Chris Brown

When the initial scandalous incident occurred in 2009, while it was brutal and reported from the perspective of persecuting a ‘woman beater’ I was eerily not as affected as I normally am by male/female violence issues. I acknowledged that he did use excessive force but I also acknowledged that I didn’t know everything. As someone who has been a slave to my temper for some years, I was quick to defend and argue both sides.

Rihanna seemed glorified as a saint in the media and as soon as the swelling in her face went down, everything seemed a bit more rosey (this is my view on the outside looking in of course). Chris Brown had community service and anger management classes and probation. At the time, I was okay with that. There does need to be consequence for violent behavior. What I wanted most of all however was that as a talented artist; he would be given a second chance.

And that he was. Grafitti didn’t do that well; well not in my mind but the Album that was supposed to bring him back was F.A.M.E.

My support was shattered and permanently interrupted when I heard of his ‘break down’ after being interviewed on Good Morning America. I can understand being upset but the display was completely uncalled for.

You cry and beg for your fans to give you another chance and this is what you do? You embarrass the very people that fought on your behalf claiming that what happened with your then girlfriend was a slip in judgement. How many are supposed to be afforded you?

As an artist that is in the spotlight it is your responsibility to take into consideration that there are ramifications, some that will haunt you for a while when you mess up. So, are you going to get mad if someone asks you a few months or even a year from now; What happened and the Good Morning America Studio? You are not absolved because you say you’re sorry and throw on your best puppy dog look. You are only sorry that there was tangible evidence again. These physical actions of yours will always keep coming up because there are deeper issues there, I now believe that need to be resolved.

You are a role model, you are an artist…you are human and I get that you will make mistakes but because of your position you have to take extra precaution and be ever vigilant in not letting your emotions (especially the negative ones) get out of control.

Take a break, do some charity work and some self reflection. You have a lot of growing to do Mr. Brown and I refuse to support an artist who believes that the only thing that matters is that he has a song coming out. Your actions are more important than your music, that’s what lends credibility to your persona; your brand.

Grow up.

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