Flakes of Love

I see our love like I see the snow. I anticipate the first sign of it and wear it on me like an ornament, proud that I have captured it for all to see.  Small, each flake has a bigger purpose and plan…to cover as much as possible. Slow, steady, hazy and always amazing when I’m at home, under the covers waiting for when it will stop, hoping that when it gets difficult it will never falter.

I get mad we muss it up, make it impure, with dirt that we wipe on it by way of walking through life but it never ceases to amaze me at any stage. It’s resilience.

The slow, determined start; the graceful fall, the anxious build up of wonderment and awe, the melting away and beginning again or the linger patches determined to make you take notice long after everything has dried up.

I could give a reason I love you with every snow flake, as different, as varied as they are themselves and as sweet, soft, firm and strong as it is when you put it all together.

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