Holiday Season Stagnance

I’m not really a fan of “Christmas” because of course there is no evidence of the historical Jesus so there isn’t nearly enough to go on to believe that he was born exactly on the December 25, that the Winter Solstice is always around this time and the early Christians did a lot to compromise with the pagans leave my lack of belief in these festivities lacking. Not to say I don’t participate. I love my cousins and my friends and gift giving my specialty, though I don’t want until Christmas to give.

I think as humanity we need Christmas as a holiday to focus on other people because we get so caught up in our day to day bull so that we can appreciate the people that we love, the people that love us and tunnel that. What I don’t like about holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day is that it tunnels affection into this small windows of opportunity that it makes it okay for us to completely dismiss our loved ones during the course of the year.

My Holiday Wish, would be to see that change and to endeavor to be better to my family and friends every day.


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  1. Lois says:

    Good holiday wish I echo that 100% and yeah these “holy”days are total bull !

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