Video Games: When is it too much?

So, I’m reading good ole’ CNN and I come across this blog; Far be it from me to come across a controversial topic on video games and leave it alone. You can see previous rants by clicking on the trusty Video Game Category.

This blog post wasn’t your ignorant high handed; gamers are bums tirade that I’m accustomed to. It was asking a question that older game addicts have been building up to. Have video games gone too far? For the same of this argument let’s include PC games and online gaming as a whole; flash games that you can get from random websites not disbanded.

The kind of gameplay that they are denouncing in Asian countries now is Rape-Play. Our asian counterparts are known for their unabashed acceptance of various tastes and they range from the kinda weird to really weird (uhm, have you seen Hentai lately?)  But is having rape (the player is committing the rape with their character in an MMORPG (Mult-Player Online Role Play Game for you nubs)

So as usual I have a hell of a lot of questions.

Do you think Rape play is okay for games? Do you think Rape-play is okay for games where that is the main draw?  Do you think that it would make rape something that is more commonly accepted by society or even celebrated as violence is? Would it matter if you were also able to rape men?

I think Rape Play is pushing the envelope a bit, I don’t agree with it but I’d rather some evil rapist wanna be dude do it in a game and never do it in real life but then again one might argue that doing it repeatedly in the game may lead him to think that doing in IRL (In real life for the nubs again) So, I’m kind of undecided, I’ll see what the next innovation is I guess and hopefully I can make my decision there. The entire idea of video games though, is to do something that you can not do in real life, it is supposed to be an escape from reality. Restricting your escape from reality might rub some people the wrong way, I would love to hear what other gamers and casual players have to say about this…Non Gamers with strong opinions are also welcome to respond.

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