Brooklyn Boy

I never thought that I would fall for a brooklyn boy, all chocolate brown and sweet as pie.
Worldly knowledge and hood swagger
he can go from the new york times to
dealing with this crazy time .
Has a gentle touch, and rough hands
and swears he knows me like the back of his hand
Who’s this brooklyn boy that’s killing my composure?
He makes me feel, makes me think, makes me want,
makes me lose control.
He’s my weakness
the explosive in my foundation
My fata morgana
where the lack of my will resides
where my knees go weak at the though of his smile
and my heart refuses to beat
He’s fire and I’ll surely get burnt
like a peice of paper close to the flame
pulling back from the heat
but wanting to be the reason why it burns
at the same time
Burn me
Change me
Consume me
This brooklyn boy will surely be my downfall.
He stole my breath and left me panting for more.
Can he take my heart?

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