I’ve taken time away from blogging to get my thoughts togther, to ensure that there was some time away from writing everything down and obsessing over my future in words, I needed time to act like I wanted to move forward in my life. I’ve managed within this time to get my negative thoughts under control, and take over all action with being a better person on the inside and out. I owed it to myself to get out more, have more friends, and experience life one day at a time instead of thinking about the ever so planned future and forgetting the moment.

I’ve spent a lot of my productive years in a relationship, trying to find out where my place is in the world within that relationship and I’m just trying to step outside of that, to experience more on the whole and I think I’m suceeding and by taking things one step at a time I am actually finding all the peices I thought I was missing and finding a genuine spot where I’m comfortable.

I’m falling in love all over again and I’m happier and more at ease this time around, loving someone is so much like loving yourself except it’s easier to accept someone else’s flaws and while everyone else is breaking up and growing through growing pains, I’m strong and hoping that in the end it’s love that will win.



Anastasia R

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  1. Mi says:

    I’m glad. *hug* You deserve every possible happiness, love.

    Some of your recent posts have resonated with me…it’s encouraging.

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