#AnimeMonday – 6/26

#AnimeMonday (3)

It was hard to come to the end of Attack on Titan S2 last week, but it was definitely quite a ride. We’re coming on to the end of our spring anime picks so, new titles will be put into rotation across the board – as we also finished our last series; Death Parade.

This week, we’ll continue with the two current season shows that are till going and I chose Dead Leaves to round up the evening.

Next week, (July 3rd) there will be no #AnimeMonday since I will be attending BlerdconDC that weekend. When we return, we’ll watch the finales of our current season shows, and I’ll post the new titles in rotation and set the schedule for the entire month of July.

I hope you’ll join me or if you can’t – you have shows of your own that you’re enjoying!

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