Seven Deadly Sins S2: Wya big head?


There’s been lot of building excitement for the second season offering of Seven Deadly Sins – thankfully I did get into S1 a bit late so I can’t complain about waiting but I would like to take the time to clarify the confusion fellow fans of the show are experiencing today.

Remember last week’s #AnimeMonday where I live tweeted Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of a Holy War? The four episode special that I made everyone watch to prepare for Season 2? WELP that’s your “Season 2”. At least, now you can watch it on Netflix directly instead of your preferred anime streaming site.

There seems to be no official word on the actual Season 2 of Seven Deadly Sins but that doesn’t mean that Signs of a Holy War doesn’t deserve spins. It really was a great OVA four episode special and the story takes place about a year after the events of S1 so you are able to catch up on your faves and learn a quite a bit about the lore.

It’s still required watching if you’re into the series – it is not four filler episodes.

I’m a bit disappointed but I should have known, so I’m sorry for joining in on the S2 hype without following my instincts and doing some more research.

Next week’s #AnimeMonday post will be announced since it will no longer be S2 of Seven Deadly Sins.

Since this was this past Monday’s #AnimeMonday I will go ahead and link the Live Tweet threads. Episodes 1-2 | Episode 3-4

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