It took fifteen years for me to recognize you and another fifteen to try to forget you. I buried you in my work, duty and vices but I was never sated. You were my dream and I couldn’t conjure anything better.

We tried throughout the years to grab snatches of each other but we were always unsuccessful. The timing was never right. Our feelings never in the same place. We’d taken turns feeling abandoned and betrayed.

But we did love.

Lives built apart from each other started to seem like prisons and we found each other again. Waded through the pain and rose above it. Determined to know happiness.
You, hesitant. Me, unsure.

Childlike as we rediscovered ourselves in each other. Afraid of the intensity and vulnerability in shared memories and pain


Finally trusting again

Letting go

Holding on


No running

Let’s stay and fight

and love

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