Netflix Recommendation: Snow Day Horror Day Duos

The best way to spend a Snow Day is boo’d up with a warm beverage, a good watch and maybe some company. This Snow Day, I’d like to recommend some light horror watching that will thrill but not completely terrify. The perfect recipe for cuddles and great conversation. 

All of my recommendations will be duos, best watched together.

Nightwatch is first, Daywatch the follow up.

The best way to categorize these two would be Urban Supernatural Fantasy. The war between the light and the dark plays out again, this time with gusto. In Russia, apocalypse does you!


Dead Snow 1+2

If you prefer wacky gore filled shenanigans, give Dead Snow a try. Nazi Zombies. Nah, really. It’s hilarious.



V/H/S 1+2

Capitalizing on the found footage wave, the V/H/S series is a horror anthology collection that has since grown beyond the first two titles. There’s definitely a horror story in here for you; one that will scare you a bit later and some that will just leave you mouth agape. 




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