Destiny: How to set up “B” on Twilight Gap

Whenever you’re playing an objective game, it’s critical for your team mates to have an idea of what they’re going to be doing as well as what their team mates will be trying to achieve. I’ve been getting lots of questions on twitter regarding the different roles while playing FPS games. I self identify as “aggressive support” which means that I’m generally playing the objective (or making sure I’m alive to revive my team mates (in PVE or Skirmish, Trials and Elimination) but I am also a pretty reliable slayer if need be.

Getting a high number of kills isn’t as important to me as making sure the objective is complete; in the new game types of Zone Control and Rift, playing the objective actually makes a difference if you win or lose and that is what makes it more competitive to me.

Setting ensures that you’re either holding down the main lines of sight for your objective or the path that your objective will lead to in the case of Rift; it can be difficult to hold your position but where you go can influence your team’s spawn points as well as the opposing team’s spawn points so being consistent is key.

In this video that I clipped from Twitch; I show full game play of how my friends and I “set” up Twilight Gap; as you can only see my perspective, you’ll see how I set up and maintain the set up of the Control point “B”.

Generally; there are two team mates patrolling “A”, one team mate patrolling my top “B” platform and mid map (where the special ammo spawns), one team mate at the “B” control point with the remaining team mates pushing them back into their spawn; watching all avenues for flank opportunities.

IF you originally spawn at Control Point C, I would advise you to push A and attempt to flip spawns as soon as possible. The distance between A-B is way more manageable to hold down, unless you’re a greedy lot and want all three control points in which case; do you boo.

Please keep in mind when playing support to not get antsy because you see that you’re not the highest score on the board; try to keep your K/d up and put yourself in a position where you can at least hold down one control point – pull back if you find yourself rushing and feeding the opposing team.

Yes, this is video from House of Wolves IB and not TK.

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