Onward, Upward

2014 has been more or less a bust for me. Other than leaving my job and deciding to focus more on elevating myself and the folks around me it’s been uneventful but with new breath comes new life and there can only be upward mobility from here.

The hardest part of the year for me has been letting go of toxic relationships and situations, as a relatively solitary person, work was a way for me to connect with people. Working in Customer Care allows you to help and serve people a few people who really appreciate your help and it makes up for the terrible ones who scream at you because they don’t know what to get their Husband for Christmas. As much as I disliked some of the aspects around my working life, I loved the folks that I worked with and removing myself from them really impaired me in a way I wasn’t prepared for.

Time for yourself is a novel concept until you realize that you are alone with the thoughts in your head and there is no more of the familiar understanding that comes with a group of folks who you spend 9-10 hours with, 5 days a week. It’s been taxing.

How do I reconcile my need to be there for others and be helpful with my need to grow? I’m not sure yet. School is still an intimidating mass of debt and anxiety and life in these still waters are even harder to navigate that rough tide.

With my 28th birthday approaching, I feel this unnatural amount of pressure to succeed and make some resolutions that will take me into the new year.

I endeavor to live in my own light.

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