Sunrise Smoothie

Gluten Free Living

Smoothies have become a huge part of my life so I’ll be posting “recipes” that I think are easy and delicious. If you have a suggestion, please don’t hesitate to share.

Sunrise Smoothie:

1 cup of orange juice (I used tropicana, no pulp)
1/2 cup of straw berries
1/3 cup of pine apple
1/4 cup of blue berries
Splash of coconut water
1 teaspoon of honey

I use frozen fruit from trader joes so I get the right consistency. You can also freeze your fresh fruit over night to get the same effect.

Rise and Shine

Great start to the morning! Lots of vitamin C. I paired this with some oatmeal for a really hearty breakfast. Also; it takes a lot of pressure off as it’s easy to make and fast so you can make your smoothie and take it with you if you’re leaving the house.

Since most breakfast foods are gluten based…

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